Friday, February 11, 2011

Nick Piazza - Evolution

Piazza seemed to come out of the ether to create one of the most satisfying discs of the year. The lyrical themes go past the typical boy meets girl, love and breakup crud that gums up the airwaves. Though Piazza can write introspective songs about personal experiences, he also reaches deeper into social issues such as war and poverty. He possesses a diverse musical vision that combines ballads and loves songs with reggae rhythms and straight up and in your face rock and roll. He walks the talk. His smoky tenor stretches and soars above the music as a perfect match to the sounds produced by super-producer Andy Reed. In fact, Reed contributes expert lead guitar, bass, keys and percussion throughout the disc. Donny Brown of Verve Pipe fame provides the spectacular drumming. He’s right in the pocket whether snapping off time perfect riffs on the snare, pounding the toms or accentuating the feel with his economical cymbal play. Standout tracks include Last Night of Freedom, New World Order, Try and Meet You.

Bo White

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