Friday, February 11, 2011

The Automatics - Leavers and Non-Believers

Johnny Guest and the Automatics have been around for a few years and have talked just about every popular genre hopping style of rock known to man. Originally known as one of the hardest working cover bands next to Jedi, the Automatics have stepped up to create a digitalized modern arena rock sound with heavy guitars , big nuclear-powered drums (Donny Brown at his most muscular) with super tight vocals and layered harmonies. This is a sound that rivals Switchfoot or Jimmy Eat World. Guest enlisted Reed Recording Company to create these big arena sounds within a cohesive body of original music that is both heavy and melodic. Soft and loud like Grohl channeling Cobain through the Foo Fighters without Nirvana’s minimalist approach to craft. Reed’s near perfect production and his overarching integrity helped bring out the best in Johnny Guest and the Automatics. Standout tracks include Finished Then, Savannah Moon, and Leavers and Non-Believers.

Bo White

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