Friday, February 11, 2011

The Legend of Xero

The Legend of Xero is the brainchild of Christian singer/rapper Jashae Slaughter. Slaughter is a fine singer with a tenor that recalls a younger Stevie Wonder with just a hint of Michael Jackson and he gets a little help from his friends Beacon of Light, Elohin, Crucified and Street Alert beats. John D’ Agostino wrote and sang on the chorus of Salvation. Slaughter’s vision is all encompassing without borders of race and class that exclude and diminish his message. The music is created by samples and electronic beats along with an occasional acoustic guitar. The lyrical themes are based in Christian theology. The disc is an extended prayer of singing praise and rapping the gospel truth. Slaughter’s heart is pure and his aim is true. He’s been on the other side and he gives clear counsel on avoiding the traps of coveting wealth and escaping through drugs, sex and violence. A central Christian theme circles the disc as Slaughter reveals God’s love, proclaims His glory and seeks salvation. This is a message for any thoughtful person that has experienced spiritual longing. Standout tracks include Never Go Back, Salvation, Dreamin’ and a powerful and perfectly executed The Master Plan.

“This is why we stay together” – Jashae Slaughter

Bo White

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