Friday, February 11, 2011

Brett Mitchell - Falling Apart at the Seams

On his third disc Brett Mitchell comes out shooting from the hip with the help of genius pop-minister Andy Reed. Hallelujah. This duo is a match made in power pop Heaven. With a heavy dose of Mitchell’s vision, Reed was able to fashion an irresistible collage of vaguely familiar sounds, brought to full sonic brilliance through his analog recording technique. Reed was behind the board twisting the dials and bringing out the best performance from Mitchell’s already brilliant tenor. Mitchell and Reed play all the instruments with astonishing results. Through a collective knowledge of harmony, melody and craft, Mitchell and Reed created an almost perfect disc. This disc ranks up close to some of the best works of the Raspberries, Big Star and Badfinger. Standout tracks include Falling Apart at the Seams, the Moog/Strawberry Fields vibe of Disappointing the Dancers, the raucous rocking Dead End Lover, and the good time Simon & Garfunkel influenced You Could Be My Hat.

Bo White

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