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Sean Forbes Landmark CD Perfect Imperfection


Sean Forbes

Perfect Imperfection

Sean Forbes grew up in a musical family. His father Scott and Uncle Dennis founded the iconic Forbes Brothers Band giving country rock new meaning and substance. Both Scott and Dennis are Michigan rockers at heart and have compiled impressive songwriting credits. Dennis is the techno wizard of the clan and engineered some of Bob Seger’s best recordings from the seventies. Given the Forbes family history Sean was destined to become a musician. It was in his blood like oxygen is to breathing. He’s been charting his path since toddlerhood when he showed an affinity for beating on the drums. For Sean it was the roar that lies on the other side of silence. It helped him to defeat the dark solitude of being deaf. At times it could be heavy like living in a cave and not being wanted. Yet he was loved dearly and his parents helped him go beyond those moments in which he felt small and frail. As his keening senses evolved, he could smell the air of the house he was born into. Sean has an uncanny power to feel voice tones and unearth vibrations hidden from others. He could feel the phantom buzz and for him it was an elegant surrender to his musical heritage.  Sean learned about love from his parents and he became a champion of those who are not loved. It is no small coincidence that Sean founded the Deaf Professional Artists Network (D-PAN). It is an organization that supports the arts and sciences to people who are deaf. D-Pan has created a network of services and learning opportunities for anyone interested in pursuing a dream

Sean’s first full length CD Prefect Imperfection is the culmination of a life long quest for the lost chords, beats and rhythms derived from the universal note. In making the music in his mind, Sean has created an entirely new genre of musical expression. There is nothing past or present that can compare to what Forbes has dished out on his platter, a feast for the gods; a search for the Holy Grail. Forbes is an alchemist forging an innovation never imagined; a disciple of Mary Shelly imparting the secrets of love and immortality. Forbes has created a new living/pulsating work of art. He is a lone genius crafting rhythmic patterns, music for the soul. Pay attention, this just may be the last great musical innovation in our lifetime. Forbes may be a post-modern Robert Johnson standing at the crossroads between sound and silence. Forbes is beginning to understand that he is not the sum of other people’s prescriptions and that dialectical dilemmas exist in the music biz; rebel versus slave; to dominate versus being victimized. He is on a moral high ground, making choices to help others through D-PAN. His heart reaches out and touches a deep well of love and peace that still exists for humanity. It is a brave new world in which a very literal culture takes more stock in material acquisition and the cult of celebrity over deep moral interests. It can prove to be unsatisfying. In this world water is only H20. Forbes is the exception to the rule. He is deeply aware of his longings, his selfdom. You can feel it in his beats and read it in his lyrics. Scott now lives in a complex web of relationships never before imagined from Eminem and Stevie Wonder to actress and mambo queen Marlee Matlin. Yet through all this buzz of fame and notoriety, Sean has kept his head on straight. It’s deeply imbedded in his genetic code.

His music tells a story of struggle and triumph.. Forbes is able to bring his head and body together and move from the heart. The message is transcendent

We Interrupt This Program

The disc opens with a statement by Franklin Delano Roosevelt recorded at his First Inaugural Address in 1933…

“So first of all, let me assert my firm belief, that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself”

This is a catchy mid-tempo rap with rock steady beats with light percussion and synthesized clips and washes

I’m Deaf

Deafer than Def Jam. This is a love song, a message to everyone who is hearing impaired and anyone who misunderstands the needs and strengths of people who are deaf. The emotions run high and are not sugar coated or minimalized. Sean’s message is not all about peace and love. It’s about frustration, communication and do-gooders who invalidate differences. Sean admits that he isn’t about to let anyone discount his intelligence or his craft. He admits that his hands talk dirty, so do mine, like a middle finger salute. But Forbes shifts gears and lists of people who have inspired him such as Jim Abbott, Helen Keller and Stevie Wonder. The cat on the keyboards pounds out minor chords and fills out the soundscape. At the Coda he plays a more intricate phrasing that conveys a deeply felt emotional valence

Crazy About You

The music is sophisticated minimalist phrasings reminiscent of early 10CC. Forbes vocals are up front in the mix. Female singers enter the song with a sultry chorus

Crazy About You

Crazy About You 

Crazy About You (I can never get enough)

Love the line about the struggles of maintaining a deep love relationship –

Building a foundation

But there’s no furniture in the house


Do You Know What I Mean

Forbes handles the 100 mile an hour breakneck speed verses. His vocal is stylistically adroit and powerful, almost breathless. The sing/song chorus has the hooks. Howard Kaylan would be proud and smilin’

 Do you know what mean

Watch These Hands

 This song has a 59 second interlude (chill out) motif that has an unmistakable Stevie Wonder vibe. It’s a song about real communication, not the newspeak and doublethink predicted by Orwell and others so many years ago. Forbes attempts to communicate deeply, almost religiously instead of obfuscating and attempting to control thinking. He has hands that talk, lips that move and eyes that see. He leads us by the nose to rediscover the non-verbal ways of telling a story. Whew this is a double plus good belly feel.

Def Deaf Girls

Forbes is signifying about more than recognizing the sensuous delights of deaf girls; this is loin bumping, tongue-twisting and deep throated eroticism. It is an ethological imperative; our instinct to be social and merge with others. This is a cultural coming of age statement, a signal that the train is coming down the track and speeding through the tunnel; hopping in the backseat for some homegrown lovin’. Forbes gets that familiar groove pulsating with the beat. It’s vice tight and fits just right, like jellyroll rockin’ my soul. Lord Have Mercy.

Bob Dylan was the First Rapper

Great song with a stolen verse from Dylan’s apocalyptic Subterranean Homesick Blues. The chorus with unison singing just sloppy enough to make it real


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