Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Process Returns - Who is that Mad Band?


The Process
Is Back
Who Is That Mad Band?

Dave Asher, lead vocals, guitars, bas, drums, percussion
Garrick Owen, guitars, Sitar
Bill Heffelfinger, guitars, bass, keyboards, drums
Gabe Gonzalez, drums, backing vocals
Seth Payton, bass, keys, guitars, percussion, tenor saxophone

The Process never ceases to amaze me. Just when they are down for the count, they get up and do a little musical ropa-dopa that seems to veer offcourse with yet another one of Asher’s proselytizing moments about Jah and his devotion to Bob Marley and Peter Tosh. Once Asher embraces that moment in time he’s able to imagine a new form of music that is both beautiful and disturbing. Asher mixes hard rock with sweet reggae music and result is simply astounding. In Asher’s mindscape he imagines a new formula for his musical adventures and his faith. I compare Asher’s search to Beatle George Harrison’s mega opus Awaiting on You All wherein he regales false prophets, “And the pope owns 51% of General Motors; and the Stock Exchange is the only thing he’s qualified to quote us.” OUCH…but yeah, it’s true enough. Asher also has the courage to sing the truth no matter if anyone agrees or even listens. That’s why I love David Asher and the Process. They have a distinct vision that reveals an uncommon truth about human struggle and the needed embrace of agape. Listen to the music in your mind, read along.

The Process opens with a powerful track entitled Mystery Babylon. This is a musical landscape of biblical proportions. Asher embraces faith and praises his name. He sings of the Lion of Judah, blood of the children, vampires, fires and Rasta ascendance. Speaking of the Israel Nation. In 1892 Ethiopia a child was born. He eventually took the name Haile Selassie (Might of the Trinity).

Dick Wagner performed on Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. It was one of his last musical projects and it rocks hard. It even sounds like an Alice Copper outtake from Billion Dollar Babies. Asher adds a cool lyrical theme about genetic mutations and Monsanto’s mind control experiments using kids right out of college…they won’t protest, the money is too good. The truth is it’s just a bribe. We sell our soul almost daily and those college kids will find out sooner or later.

Tribute (to the heroes) is Asher’s tribute to his boyhood icons…

He sings “This goes out to the kings of reggae music. Past, Present and future; Bob Marley will always be around. He will always be like a twinkling star in the sky. Peter Tosh music will never die.” Asher also paid tribute to the rockers because you cannot keep a good song down; music will always be around! The Process are in top form, on there game, using guitar, bass, drum, keyboard, lots of percussion and tenor saxophone. It makes for incredible and dynamic sounds.

Asher’s version of Traffic’s Dear Mr. Fantasy is pure reading of a great song. Asher clearly tips his hat to Stevie Winwood’s craft and in doing so he mirrors the genius of the original. It was a labor of love. The music was perfectly endowed and the lead guitar work was exceptional!

The Psalm of David rocks like Van Halen with wild rocking guitar flourishes, pounding drums, swirling synth and Seth Payton’s tenor sax. The music dances across the floor, the groove is perfect! This is for the voice that is unheard. This is beautiful music without need of words.

Gypsy Wind has a big full bodied wall of sound and it’s danceable. This is tasty brew of, guitar, drum and tenor saxophone and a descending guitar line.  Asher’s lyrics speak of the gypsy in us all, the wanderlust…

“You’ve got the gypsy in your heart; you’ve got the gypsy in your soul; From the North Pole to the South Pole, From Hong Kong to New York City”. A female vocalist sings soulfully, wordlessly. This is one of the best songs on the disc.

The final track is Fire is Burning. It is a showcase of Asher’s best instincts. This is hip hop reggae, funky with wordless background singing that leaves a powerful message!

Asher: Fire is Burning. We kill the vampire. Hold them Rasta Hold them, Catch them Rasta catch them. Catch them when they run! Psychedelic Reggae with equal rights, justice and truth! Bless Asher and the Process for having a brave voice and a clear vision in an uncertain future

Asher will have a Listening Party @ White’s Bar on July 8th, 2016

The Process will perform the entire disc later in the week @ Bemos


Bo White

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