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Jashae Slaughter is Back!



The Legend of Xero

Jashae Slaughter is Back!


On the way from someplace else I stumbled upon a young man with vision, he was spiritual looking deeper into his soul and the soul of man. He knew instinctively that the music in his mind was taking him deeper inside himself, discovering the internal cervices that allowed him to roam so freely within his cage, well knowing that he was in sacred hallows. His search for the divine led Jashae to music as music is the food of love. It was his doorway for his passion. His numinous mind led him to a deeply felt experience. It changed his life and he was able to breach the cage, find his inner smile; accept and let go unburdened by the weight of previous experiences. At this point I was getting to know Jashae but within a blink of an eye, I lost him. He yearned to be close yet to be free. His task was to seek deep moral choices and merge with others. What is good and true is experienced as love and his heart reached out to that which is beauty. And suddenly he returned. It was worth the wait.

 Jashae tells the story

My Last Few Years

For the last few years, I've been chasing fame in every part of Michigan except my home.  I left Saginaw in search of a new life and traveled to many other towns and cities, performing for Churches, Festivals, and Youth Groups. During those years I also recorded 3 Albums, and and EP.  I am currently working on my next album entitled "Ascension: The Creative Power of the Imagination" with 1 song released in audio format and Music Video.

I decided to take some time off in 2014 so that I could focus on my family and move back home to Saginaw.  Now that I am back home, I've been exploring new ways of sharing my music and story, but instead of trying to spread it throughout the world, I've been focusing on my city and Church.  I believe that I have gifts that cam help people and I really want to change the world, the best way i know how, starting here at home.


Recording and Production

My latest release, "Love You Much (Ironseed Dubsmix)" is a composition I came up with while experimenting with dubstep last year.  I briefly changed my name to The Immortal Ironseed before re-assuming the Mantle of XERO once again, hence the sub-name of the song. 

The song features a House/Trance EDM framework, with elements of American Dubstep, as well as a Dubstep "solo" where rock songs might normally feature a guitar solo.  I also scrambled some snippets of various Gregorian Chants to create the haunting background vocals featured throughout the song.  I wanted the song to be both hauntingly beautiful, yet fearsome like a wolf lurking in the fog.

After I found a good working formula, I enlisted the help of Marquis Smith (Marq 9/11), a fellow producer and engineer, to help me polish the sound of the song.  He really brought it to life in the Mixing and Mastering.  This was all put together over about 3 months.  We finished the song in April of this year and started getting ready to promote.


Song Background

Search or hearts so that we will not be idle.
That is the thought that always came to mind whenever I worshiped to this song back in 2008. It was one of my dreams to become a worship leader at The International House of Prayer in Kansas City (ihop kc) and to meet Derek Loux and Misty Edwards. Today Derek is no longer with us, but his words live on through his music. Even though I never got the chance to meet him, his songs were a big part of my spiritual development as a young man.
This song is part of my continuing journey into spiritual enlightenment and maturity. My version includes all of the prominent genres that I hold dear, plus a few strokes of Gregorian Chants & American Dubstep. I hope that you enjoy it.

Promotion and Hosting

Listener may preview the song in it's entirety on Youtube, and on Soundcloud, and Bandcamp once it releases this Saturday. It will also be available on iTunes, Amazon, and other digital markets.



(Verse 1)
Show me the distance
that You reached with love to me
Show me the depth of sin,
my hopeless depravity
Show me Your patience
given time and time again
Show me the ignorance
that I was drowning in

(Verse 2)
Show me the devilish way
I pushed You from my mind
Dark ingratitude
displayed time after time
Heaven's only Son
hung bloody on a tree
The Father crushed You
on the cross to set me free

I will Love You Much
give my body, soul and blood
I've been forgiven much,
Count me worthy to drink Your cup

Open my eyes to the mysteries of heaven
Of infinite crimes, I've been forgiven

released 13 June 2015
Original Song/Lyrics by Derek Loux from the album "Paper Religion"
© 2007 Forerunner Worship (Admin. by Music Services, Inc.)
Composition by J. Slaughter

Produced by J. Slaughter

Mixed and Mastered by Marq 9/11 for Northern Exposure Music

Jashae Slaughter,

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