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Tim Avram Presents a new single release - Blood Factory


Tim Avram


Blood Factory


Tim Avram has come a long way from his days with his first band The Bluefield Daisies, jamming with Tom Lafferty, Hymie Torres, Todd Patrick. Avram played his Harmony guitar but had a secret affinity for the mandolin. As the band evolved Avram became the bass player by default and they started gigging at school dances, coffee shops and Jamestown Hall. They even squeaked into a bar, walking in backwards acting like they’re leaving. He dabbled in Bluegrass with the Haly Quartet and took lessons from local icon Zydeco Ziggy. In 2002 Avram formed a punk band called the Mongrels with Chris Phillips, Matt Nyquist and Patrick Shell.  By 2004, Shane Swank became the drummer. The band had several different members  through the years including Josh Jeckel, Dan Castrava,  Scott Saxon, and the late Marx Dundas. Don Zuzula is now the bass player. The Mongrels toured heavily making stops in Chicago, Detroit, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Cleveland, and New York. They played CBGB’s in 2005 and the performance was streamed online. It was a coup de’etat of sorts. There are parts of Avram’s tour log survives the trash bin.

June 11th, 2005

The tavern on the park in Detroit is the kind of club we love .It’s in the ground floor of a condemned building where you have to walk down three flights of stairs and two inches of water to use the bathroom. We had a good show and met some cool friends. And the people come for PUNK.

June 12th, 2014

A show we didn’t know we had at Planet Rock in Battle Creek was… a long drive. But we played with a band from Kalanazoo called Edward. We’re gonna bring them to White’s. I love messin’ with Marx while he’s sleeping. He gets so angry. We played a great show at a really big club. A really big empty club.

June `14th 2005

The best show we had in weeks was at the Garden Bowl inside the Magic Stick in Detroit. A lot of people we met at the Tavern on the Park came out sto see us and buy CD’s. We took pictures of ourselves bowling for free before the show, everyone was nice and they gave us pizza.

June 16th2005

We are on our way back to New York to play CBGB’s. We stopped at a rest area in Pennsylvaniawhere I splashed Marx with water and now I’m soaking wet. Shane is doing most of the driving because I don’t want to and Marx is a really bad driver. The van is starting to have a very interesting smell with three punks in it all the time.

June 17th & 18th 2005

We spent all day Friday wandering around New York City handing out flyers and promoting the show. Last night we got to sleep in beds at Marx’s uncle’s house in New Jersey. We met some old ladies from Michigan. We are the only tourists that don’t look like tourists since we slept at a 7-11 Thursday night. The show at CBGB’s was on a live webcast for the whole world to see. We played pretty good and kept talking about the Pistons but none of us care about basketball. Playing at CBGB’s where all the bands that influenced us have played is something we will never forget…

Tim Avram has become a touring musician and has performed with the iconic Eric Sommer in several festivals across then land. He has found his voice as a solo artist but continues to write and perform with his greatest band The Mongrels. Avram has released a new song, the dark and apocalyptic Toy Factory and it is available as a download on Avram’s facebook page. Vampires are hot. The lyrics tell the story;

You know a tough guy is always sentimental

Running away like a devil knew your name

And I’ve been there,you know what I’ve seen

I’ve been on the floor of the Blood Factory


I’ll carve out a stake and bid you farewell

With a push of the hand, I can send you to hell

And if you take me through this cold beast’s breath

You’ll die a glorious vampire death


There’s a tower, the torches are lit

Armed with a bible and a crucifix

There’s hundreds, By the light of the moon out

Gonna bag us some Nosfortu


Now you’re a tough guy, don’t be so sentimental

Always runninglike the Devil know your name

And I’ve been there, you know what I’ve seen

I’m another product of the Blood Factory


Writer’a Notes; This song is about a vampire that hunts vampires. So he’s not afraid and he knows all the tricks in the book, like an ex-con turned bounty hunter. Now the protagonist is leading regular humans to hunt vampires. They all have a sentimental connection because they’ve lost someone to a vampire. It’s loosely based on Anime’ movie from the ‘80’s called Vampire Hunter D. Nosfortu was a cool vampire movie when vampires were scary and ugly before Twilight got ahold of them.


CODA: And now Avram has come full circle, returning to his passion for Punk music and the Mongrels. He has written a full length album of hard rockin’ punk, the way it used to be, back when CBGB’s ruled the New York scene and inspired millions of youth to join the revolution, real music for now people.


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